Finding your voice

dont-blog-like-anyone-elseIf you’re a new blogger just like me, or even if you’ve been blogging for a while, it can be difficult to establish your own voice and direction for your blog.

I started my blog just over a month ago now. Even though I feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface of establishing it properly yet, or generated the beginnings of a readership, there have been hours poured into it. Hours of doing very important and productive stuff like browsing WordPress blog themes, deciding whether a heading looks better in grey italics or black bold text, correcting grammar, resizing photos, and, probably most significantly, reading other people’s blogs and dealing with blog envy. ‘I think I want to be like her!’ ‘No, wait, I love how she writes, can I be like her?’ ‘Actually, I’ve never thought of that – maybe I’ll be her.’ (Newbie blogging tip #1: None of these things produce actual writing of blog posts).

It’s much like how we learn to be people. The nature or nurture of blogging. We model ourselves on other people and their personalities, behaviour, beliefs and experiences and use these to shape our own personalities, opinions and values. But still, somewhere in there underneath, there’s that little box of firecracker that makes us different from the rest. Better known as who we are.

And that’s the bit that makes us interesting. That’s the bit that makes people want to read us. It’s nice to share experiences, it’s flattering to love other blogs, it’s normal to inherit parts of those who surround us as we grow and change. But it’s not until we let that bit that’s uniquely us come out and stand up that we establish our own unique voice.

Much like life, some people will want to read us, and some people won’t. And that’s just fine.

I read a post from Tony Teegarden on Blog Marketing Academy about finding your blogging voice, and it inspired this post. My favourite part of the post was the way he ended it.

“Don’t blog like anyone else, they’re already taken. Just be you. Even if you’re still in the process of finding who that is.”

How do you make sure your voice comes through on your blog?

I turned thirty, but The Bachelor ended

So, a few things have happened since my last post (and I shall list them here, in order of importance):

1. The final episode of The Bachelor aired, and it was the end of an epic era culminating in Rosie Waterland’s glorious final episode recap (I still haven’t stopped banging on about the recap. I heart Rosie Waterland). But then Sam and Blake split up. And the hashtag #DirtyStreetPie was entered into the Oxford Dictionary. And then Lisa wasn’t pregnant, but her and Sam were besties because sisters before misters.

2. I turned thirty.

turning thirty

Me, slapping 30 in the face. Or just smiling, while turning 30.

Sonia at Sonia Styling recently turned thirty, and she posted a gorgeously simple acrostic which I think perfectly sums up where thirty is at.

3. I found one of the most beautiful places in Australia. In fact, I’ll take it further. It could be one of the most beautiful places in the world. I’ll be posting about it this week.

What are some of your favourite moments from your last week or two? Don’t be shy now!

3 things that won’t make you happy

make you happy quote

There are loads of get happy lists out there, but what about things to avoid? If you’re struggling with the big, overall meaning of life and happiness and feeling like you’ll never get it all together, start small. It’s the little things that make a difference in the make you happy stakes. Continue reading

How to be happy

WikiHow has published (with the help of 509 authors, at last count) an article titled ‘How to Be Happy – 12 Steps’. It’s literally the article the world has been waiting for, with pictures to match. The people in the illustrations are totally following the 12 steps and they are totally happy, they’re even doing double-thumbs-up! And all these people are wearing WikiHow t-shirts which clearly indicates exactly how they found their happiness. WikiHow = WikiWin! (Sorry).

How to be happyThere are loads of similar articles online on happiness – or how to be happy, how to achieve happiness, how to achieve balance, how to stay happy – which got me thinking about happiness. (I know – profound). Is happiness a state that we achieve? Once we’ve got it, that’s it? We’re happy, forever, and we stride around in rhythm to happy-stride-songs like ‘Help Yourself’ by Tom Jones and performing high kicks? Continue reading

Style Series: The Way She Wears It

I’ve been hesitating on starting a series about style because:

a) I’m generally an awkward person. I have long arms, a gangly stance and I will often do things like attempt a sexy dance move that results in my arm doing a weird thing and hitting somebody in the head. (Beyoncé clearly never has this issue, I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong…)

b) I’m trying to save my pennies, so a little apprehensive of extra temptation to buy all of the things, everywhere, because ‘blog research’

c) I often forget to do things like paint my nails, iron my clothes and wash my hair (we all forget, right? Yes? No?… No?)

I don’t know if I can be stylish every day. I feel that this mountain may be too steep a slope to climb, particularly given I sometimes wear things like green round neck fleece jumpers and have hair that birds see as an attractive nesting place. Continue reading