Style Series: The Way She Wears It

I’ve been hesitating on starting a series about style because:

a) I’m generally an awkward person. I have long arms, a gangly stance and I will often do things like attempt a sexy dance move that results in my arm doing a weird thing and hitting somebody in the head. (Beyoncé clearly never has this issue, I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong…)

b) I’m trying to save my pennies, so a little apprehensive of extra temptation to buy all of the things, everywhere, because ‘blog research’

c) I often forget to do things like paint my nails, iron my clothes and wash my hair (we all forget, right? Yes? No?… No?)

I don’t know if I can be stylish every day. I feel that this mountain may be too steep a slope to climb, particularly given I sometimes wear things like green round neck fleece jumpers and have hair that birds see as an attractive nesting place.

In saying that, I’m going to drop two slightly bold statements. These statements are just my opinion. Many people will disagree with these statements, and that is totally okay:

1) I believe style and fashion, while of a similar genre, are two very different things.

2) I don’t enjoy reading Vogue. Never have.

That’s not to say I don’t like or appreciate Vogue. It’s a fabulously well put together publication, globally successful – it generates inspiration for an entire industry and it might very well be the foundation of fashion. When Meryl Streep as Miranda Priestly made Andy burn with embarrassment in The Devil Wears Prada with her razor-sharp words about Andy’s bargain-bin blue polyester jumper, I couldn’t help but agree with her. Street fashion is a hybrid, approachable, more affordable version of what traverses the catwalks of international fashion weeks around the world, only a few months later. (And as much as I love Andy, the blue jumper really wasn’t great).

I believe that if fashion is what you wear, style is the way you wear it.

yves saint laurent quote I’ve always liked looking at what other people are wearing, as they go about their everyday business: whether it’s shopping, eating out, meeting friends, attending a glamorous ball, going to work, as a guest at a wedding, going to the beach, travelling, watching back to back episodes of Sex & The City, running, or cooking.

Most women (and men) like to look good. On the other hand, most people can’t afford to look fabulously stylish every single day.


There are some fabulous style blogs out there from gorgeously stylish women who make identifying your own personal style more accessible. Here are a few of my faves:

A Girl, A Style

Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily

Sonia Styling

Kimba Likes

Fox in Flats

Champagne Cartel

Redcliffe Style

Styling You

How Can I Wear That

This week, I’ll be braving the interweb of the internets and I’ll be kicking off my own little style project from inside my wardrobe, drawers, cupboards and fridge (I’m thinking more along the lines of a beauty ingredient or two, not dressing myself in meat ala Lady Gaga).

Do you have a favourite style quote or somewhere you go to find inspiration?

2 thoughts on “Style Series: The Way She Wears It

  1. Weirdly, my mum is probably where I get my “style inspo” from. I’m not a mag reader (seriously rarely!). I think your style is something you formulate over time. It definitely evolves. She thought me some good basics and then you just build around that.

    I do believe that some people just have deep ingrained amazing style (perhaps they are quite quirky or creative or original). You can spot the try hards a mile away.

    • Hello Nat! Style is definitely something that you develop over time, I agree. When I look at back at some of my ‘stylish’ 18-20 something years there are some (or lots of) definite what-the’s. Mums are great style icons! x